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How To Create Trending Instagram Hashtags For Your Online Store

October 24, 2014 |

Hashtags have almost become a mandatory tool on Instagram posts, thanks to Twitter. We have previously shared on the best practices of using hashtags for your social media and some online business owners have raised the question on how to … Read More

How To Offer Product Discounts Without Destroying Sales

October 23, 2014 |

Some business owners feel that the fastest way to lose sales is to give product discounts. Well, they are not entirely wrong, except that they missed out on the part that they are offering product discounts during point-of-sale.

For example, … Read More

3 Things You Need To Know About PayPal Business Account

October 22, 2014 |

PayPal is not an unfamiliar term to online shoppers as it is required of them to create a personal account in order to make purchases. However, the same does not apply to online business owners. If you are thinking of … Read More

Singapore Bloggers That Model Their Own Fashion Label

October 21, 2014 |

While it is a norm for online fashion retailers to engage the help of young women to model for their products, there is a growing trend for them to become models for their own label. This allows customers to better … Read More

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